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Comparing the Odds of Sportsbetting Against Casino Games

Online gambling is split into four distinct categories: Casino games, Sportsbook, Poker, and Bingo. Bingo has a definitive niche market, and Poker is for those who enjoy multiplayer games, competing against other players in the hopes of building up their bankroll one hand at a time. But those who enjoy straight betting against the odds without worrying about other players (or don’t like Bingo) tend to gravitate toward the Casino game and Sportsbook bets.

The Casino Game Odds

poker chipsCasino games are all the classic games you would find in a land-based casino lobby. Players simply play against the dealer, and are reliant on the odds specific to each of those games. These odds remain consistent, so no matter what table or card game you choose from any casino software provider, the odds should be almost the same, as long as you’re playing at a reputable casino.

It’s also worth noting that at the end of each round of play, the odds are reset to the exact same. So, if you’re playing Blackjack and win one hand, your odds of winning on the next hand are the same, and five red pockets in a row on Roulette hold no bearing over whether there will be a red or black pocket on the sixth spin.

Thanks to random number generators, card and table game odds are the same, but to see your general odds with Slots, it’s best to check out the online casino’s Return to Player (RTP). The RTP will show you how much you can expect to walk away in relation to betting $100. Any casino that is publicly audited will have their RTP easily accessible. For an online casino, an RTP of 90% or higher is pretty essential.

The Odds of Sportsbetting

The odds of sports betting are not fixed. In fact, they’re anything but, and before the game, they are dependent on whether the bookmakers think that one team is favoured, as well as how other players are betting. These will be indicated by the pay lines. The team with the minus (-) symbol for the pay line is the favoured team, and the pay line with the plus (+) symbol is the underdog team. The higher the – number, the lower the payout, and the higher the + number, the higher the payout.

The pay line numbers are what you stand to win with a $100 bet, but the cool part about betting online is being able to type in the amount you want to bet on that pay line, and they’ll tell you how much the pay out will be. Sometimes, both teams will be a minus or plus team, depending. If betting on the money line, the pay out simply goes to the winning team.

If the score line is bet on, a score will be next to the pay line. The favoured team has to win by at least that score for the payout, and the unfavourable team has to either lose by less than that score or win for their to be a payout, evening out the odds for the two teams. You can also bet on who will win a larger event, like the World Series when it’s still months away, or on horse racing, wherein every bet will have the + payout and can be very profitable if you guess correctly.

The Difference Between the Two

You can go into the sportsbook and find completely different odds for the same team even when they’re playing the same team, because different conditions and circumstances can make a big difference. With the casino games, you can go in any time, day or night, and know that the odds are always going to be exactly the same. The excitement of sports betting comes down to what makes watching sports so exciting in the first place: You never really know who’s going to win, and anything can happen. For casino games, utilizing basic strategy and hoping that luck is on your side is all that it takes. To find the best online casino games and sportsbook, make sure to visit sites that find the best of the best specifically for Australian players.

Good luck, have fun, and always remember to bet responsibly. Set a budget, set a winning amount, and set a timer. When any of them are reached, take your winnings and walk away. The casino has the advantage over the player in all forms of betting, so the longer you player the more likely you are to lose.