Free tips Esports Betting Guide – What’s It All About?

DOTA2 Betting Odds

Betfinder’s Esports Betting Guide & Top 5 Tips

Every major online sportsbook and a number of the smaller ones are now offering betting odds on Esports events.

With over 100 million people regularly playing the most popular Esport of them all, ‘League of Legends’ (LoL), it’s little wonder that more than a few of us would like to place a bet on esports teams when they are in competitive action. 

Who bets on Esports?

Millennials are especially hungry for skill-based entertainment and Esports (and with it Esports betting opportunities) gives them exactly what they want.  In just a few years Esports has seen countless professional leagues being set up, with the chance to bet on esports games and tournaments being created in abundance.

Regular sports betting punters (and in particular online gamers) may also want a piece of the action as they know there will be some good value esports bets to be found in the early days.

Is betting on Esports safe?

To date, much of the early esports betting has been done through the controversial (and now outlawed) skin gambling sites.  Subsequently, as the esports betting genre has grown, policing organisations have sprung-up – such as the Esports Integrity Coalition who work alongside the UK Gambling Commission.

This means both punters and esports bookmakers can safely bet on esports matches and accept esports bets safe in the knowledge that Esports represents a safe, monitored and legal environment for all esports gamblers.

Live Esports betting

This really is a hugely exciting time to get involved in the world of Esports betting.  Despite being massive there is also a sense of it still being in its infancy.  Esports betting offers hundreds of games to bet on each and every day.  Scores of them are streamed live and turned live to bet on ‘in play’. 

All this 24/7 action means recreational esports fans can and will have a lot of fun and serious punters can pick and choose their events & markets thus finding the best esports betting odds / value and ultimately winning money from their esports bets in the long run.

Esports Live Streaming :

The ‘Big Four’ Games for Esports Betting:

  • League of Legends Betting

Also known by its acronym LoL, in addition to being the most popular game played by recreational gamers, this is the most popular of all Esports you can bet on.  

  • CS:GO Betting (Counter Strike Global Offensive)

CS:GO as it is commonly known is invariably scored like tennis which is, apart from the Grand Slam events, a best of three set format.  There’s one difference, in CS:GO you work in ‘maps’ and not sets!

  • DOTA 2 Betting

Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) to give it its full title is another that works in ‘maps’. But most punters prefer to bet on DOTA 2 markets other than winner and correct score.  The team to ‘draw first blood’, achieve a number of ‘kills’ and to destroy some hardware like a tower or barracks.

  • Starcraft II Betting

Very popular with players and punters in the Far East, there’s always loads of ongoing Starcraft competitions to bet on.  In fact match and in-play betting probably takes second place to outright tournament bets on Starcraft.

There are several other Esports games you can bet on, these include:

  • Hearthstone which is a rare player-on-player (one-on-one) game which is very fast moving and is card based,
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • Smite
  • World of Tanks
  • Vainglory

and more.

However, as these games attract less esports betting turnover there is less chance you will benefit from too many Esports betting offers from your bookies.

The big esports events can attract enormous crowds which fill stadiums

Top 5 Esports Betting Tips

Betting on Esports is very simple:  Simply located the Esports game that interests you from your online bookmaker’s menu – remembering many are broadcast live with amusing commentary complimented with excellent stats and graphics – click on it and see which betting markets are available to you.

1. Start Small
As a beginner only play for small money to familiarise yourself with the games you can trade and the markets within them.  If you are a new customer you will probably have an Esports free bet or two in your account balance.  This would be a good time to use these up making this a free learning curve.

2. Specialize
Ultimately decide which Esports games float your boat and concentrate on betting on just a few of them.  As Esports games vary wildly it is very difficult to have a good betting knowledge of more than a few.

3. Research!
Once you have decided on the best Esports for you, arm yourself with as much information as possible.  Find the best sources for Esports betting tips and news about last minute roster changes which are commonplace in Esports.

4. Alternative Esports betting markets
Usually an Esports betting guide will give you their thoughts on game and outright competition winners, they are rarely too far out.  But that means potential profits over a long-run will be slim as online sportsbooks also heed good advice and ‘weight of money’.  So there is often better esports betting value to be had concentrating on other betting markets such as handicaps, correct scores, team to win the first or second ‘map’ type markets.

5. Shop Around
As with all gambling, and even shopping for household goods, it is vital to seek out the best prices.  As so many online bookmakers are currently striving to get involved with Esports betting there is often some huge price discrepancies to be seized upon.  Be sure to shop around get the best price wherever possible.

Finally, remember Esports is all about fast moving action and that makes it the ideal ‘in play’ betting medium.  The action can and does ebb and flow making it volatile and consequently a great in-play betting medium.  Many Esports betting pros only ‘trade’ in-play.  

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below . We wish you all the best of luck with your esports betting exploits!

The Celebrity Millionaires of Competitive Gaming (Full Length Video)

There are many good esports documentaries on YouTube but here is one we liked which gives an insight in this strange new world and the vast amounts of money that some professional esports players are making from playing video games to incredibly obsessive levels…

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