How We Work

Betfinder’s Business Model scours the internet to find and then delver the best free bet offers in the online sports betting world.  Additionally we compare the odds on offer from all the major and trustworthy bookmakers and display them for in a simple way allowing you to get the best price about your investments.

In many ways we are no different to the popular ‘money supermarkets’ which are devised to save you money by flagging-up the best deals and services for anything from electricity and gas supply to savings, mortgages and car insurance.

Indeed, when ‘where to shop’ is made easy, you can easily reach your goal of getting a good deal, saving money and, in many situations, receive a better service.   In return for doing all this leg-work said ‘supermarket’ receives a commission from the suppliers NOT you, the customers.

We are no different here at  Our running costs, which includes server costs, web site maintenance plus the cost of producing well-researched selections backed-up with explanatory editorial insight from our stable of betting experts, is met by ‘banner advertising’ and affiliate links meaning our revenue is based on affiliate relationships with bookmakers we know, trust and have relationships with.

Therein, if you were to open a bookmaking account with one of our recommended online sportsbooks, Betfinder will received a fixed fee (known as a CPA within the industry) for making the ‘introduction’.  Alternatively we will receive a commission on betting turnover.  Links to betting and gaming operators are easily identified as they contain the following link:


Is this normal?

Yes! Many travel and holiday sites, blogs, betting sites etc. use this business model. The only difference between these sites and is that we are completely transparent about it.

While many sites are not as transparent as to how they are funded, most comparison websites work in the same way.  We will never compromise ourselves by ‘flowering up’ a partner in order to create business.

Our bookmaker reviews are honest and non-compromising.  If we see good value we will highlight it.  If we make a betting recommendation we will only direct you to the firm offering the best odds or the best terms with no exceptions.