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Creature Comforts and Self Beliefs the Key to Online Casino Bonus Hunting Success

Making a living from online casino sign-up bonuses is very feasible and indeed possible.

Sites like conveniently list all sign-up bonuses and the conditions new customers need to meet before being able to withdraw their bonus winnings from a new online casino account.

This makes the task of identifying the best bonus offers relatively simple.  However the job of sticking to a strategy that fulfils the bonus rules/criteria and playing what can be hours and hours (even days) of online casino games in order to show a profit can be irksome and fraught with danger.

The temptation will always be there.  The urge to end the monotony involved with slowly and safely playing through a bonus and go ahead and ‘gamble’.  Let’s be practical, sitting in a chair for hours on end is pretty boring stuff.

Therein we suggest ‘online casino bonus hunters’ take a few leaves from the playbook of ‘live game poker players’ – who spend so much time sat in a seat their backside have long turned into rubber.

You will find most have a bag brimming with everything they will need to deal with their hours at the tables.  Unlike them, you doubtlessly have the opportunity to make tea and toast mid-way through your online casino session but that only serves as a distraction and takes meaningful time out of your designated task.

Being a strong believer in music stimulating the old grey matter keeping an iPod, (with music ranging from Mozart to Motorhead) at hand is a good thing to keep handy.

Then, of course, there is that food and drink.  Healthy food is proven to be brain food, so a banana or bunch of grapes is preferable.  But, be it a toffee apple or jam tart, keep it close at hand.  Consequently ‘wet-wipes’ are not a bad idea.  Waylaying sticky fingers, a freshen-up usually makes you feel that bit better in any situation.  

Now image is not important when you are sat at your PC or have a tablet in-hand, but to poker players it is vital. Self-belief, confidence so rampant that it beggars belief, is considered a quality in tournament poker and there is no harm in such antics.  

In 1996 Phil Hellmuth famously turned up for a major tournament at Las Vegas’ Four Queens Casino wearing an outrageously colourful Versace shirt stylised with honeybees that had cost two-grand.  He won the competition later explaining:  “I bought that shirt specifically to win the tournament.  It was dazzling and it made me feel good.”  

That ‘feel-good’ factor can and should be employed during online casino bonus mining sessions.  Dressing smartly can and will make you feel upbeat and better about yourself and hopefully remind you of the reason you are spending hours playing online.