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Online Casino Comparison Sites are a Vital Tool

There has never been a better time to be a gambler.  There are more options than ever.  Traditional Win bets have been joined by Line Bets, Asian Handicaps, Spread Bets, Exchange Bets and even Binary Betting in recent years.  A bigger marketplace means more choices and more opBetportunities to find ‘value’ and act on it.

Unquestionably modern-day punters are more clued-up than ever.  Punters of yesteryear, slaves to traditional newspapers, would have no idea about betting margins and ‘over-rounds’.  In this modern day there is a plethora of information available via the Internet, with betting strategies and odds comparison sites offering an invaluable insight.

But the ability to identify an edge in the world of gambling has not been restricted to just betting.  Online casinos may be a relative newcomer in the world of gambling but these too can and do benefit from in-depth reviews which identify their margins, best paying products and all-important review of their sign-up bonuses.

The Casino db Betting Sites compendium of online casinos is one such vital tool. It delivers a superb review of a stack of popular online casinos in a ‘Which Guide’ type scenario giving value seekers everything they could want to know about the merits of playing certain online casinos.

The first thing new customers should look at is ‘sign-up bonuses’.   A sharp operator can make a good living by purely manipulating these offers, which are primarily designed to attract your custom but can also, if used correctly, be a cash cow for new account holders.

Many sites even feature a ‘no deposit’ welcome bets.  All offer some form of ‘welcome bonus’ which is related to your first deposit.  Similarly numerous online casinos hand out free slot machine spins to their new clients.

Thereafter, and once again all the details can be found online, people who really do want to maximise their chances of winning need to use sites like Casino db Betting to identify which online casinos feature the best ‘retention’.  Retention is the sum online casinos return to punters.  

Often referred to as ‘pay out’, a good casino will return almost 98% of the money they take in back to customers.  A poor online casino will repay around 96%.  This may not initially seem like much but a two percent difference in the scheme of things represents a 100% better return and that is a massive difference when attempting to find a winning angle – which can often be interwoven with the aforementioned sign-up and loyalty bonuses.

When these factors and a host of others – such as the costs involved with credit card withdrawals and the selection of games on offer at each online casino – are number crunched, a good online casino comparison site will give each operator a score and it is those scores, with the highest rated naturally being the first ports of call which will help punters make the first vital, and correct, decisions.